Russia officially calls for the genocide of Ukrainians

An article was published on the website of the Russian state-owned news agency RIA-news, the author of which calls for genocide of the Ukrainian people, as well as justifies the need for mass repressions against Ukrainians in order to force them to abandon their own nationality, culture and language.

The article was titled ‘What should Russia do with Ukraine’, Guildhall reports.

‘However, apart from Ukrainian leadership, a lot of ordinary people should also be considered guilty as they are all passive Nazis, they are the accomplices of Nazism. They supported the Nazi authorities and indulged them (…). Further denazification of this part of the population should comprise the re-education, which is achieved by ideological repression (suppression) of Nazi attitudes and strict censorship: not only political, but also cultural and educational’, — was stated in the article.

In addition, the text calls for the extermination of Ukrainians as an ethnical group.

‘Denazification will inevitably consist of de-Ukrainianization. This should be the rejection of the large-scale artificial inflating of ethnical self-identification among the inhabitants of the historical Malorussia and Novorossiya, which was initiated by the Soviet authorities’, — RIA-news reported.

The article also justifies the ‘impossibility’ of the existence of Ukraine as an independent state.

‘The history has shown that Ukraine is unable to exist as an independent state. Its attempts to build such a state naturally lead to the establishment of Nazism (…). Debanderization is not sufficient for denazification as the Bandera element is only a disguise for the European project of Nazi Ukraine. Therefore, the denazification of Ukraine should inevitably consist of de-Europeanization’, — was mentioned in the article.

Earlier, Russian journalists interviewed people in Moscow about their attitude to the war against Ukraine. Russians offered that Ukraine should be ‘wiped off the map’, while its territory should be taken by Russia. One of the respondents suggested that the same should be done to Poland.

Earlier, deputies of the State Duma of Russia made similar statements, as well as Russian experts on air.

Deputy of the Russian State Duma Alexei Zhuravlev offered to bomb Kyiv in the same manner as Mariupol if people are ready to defend their homes with weapons. In order to ‘ensure peace’, he suggested Russian troops to reach Poland.

Russian propagandist Sergei Mikheev called upon to invade European countries, in particular, to start a Russian military operation against the Baltic countries to establish a land connection between the main territory of the Russian Federation and Kaliningrad.

Another deputy of the State Duma Mikhail Delyagin in his comment on the military operation of Azerbaijan in Nagorno-Karabakh suggested to carry out an attack on the oil industry facilities of Azerbaijan in response to the military operation of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces in Nagorno-Karabakh.

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