«Denuclearization of Ukraine»: Russia has started to prepare an informational campaign for the withdrawal from the war – Centre for Defence Reforms

Due to the fact that Russians could not succeed in the completion of military tasks within the war in Ukraine (in particular, the occupation of Ukraine), the intelligence agencies of Russian Federation have started to prepare an informational campaign to justify one of the scenarios of the withdrawal from the war. Currently, Russia attempts to justify the war with the need of denuclearization of Ukrainian territories. For this purpose, Russian military forces are ordered to take control of all nuclear power stations in Ukraine, which will indicate the successful task execution.

This was stated to Guildhall by the Head of the Centre of Defence Reforms, the coordinator of the interdepartmental platform on hybrid threat countermeasures, which operates within Ukraine-NATO cooperation, Mr. Oleksandr V. Danylyuk.

‘The ‘Сказ о Ване и Мыколе’ video (‘Fairy tale about Vania and Mykola’, in which Vania, a native Russian name for boys, is posed as Russia, and Mykola as Ukraine) shared by the Russian government among the schoolchildren explains to the kids that the invasion to Ukraine was required for the denuclearization of Ukrainian territories. There are more acts evidencing this scenario: decommissioning of the power plants, destruction of the Yuzhmash (Southern Machine-Building Plant, which manufactures space rockets, satellites, agricultural equipment, buses, trams, and wind turbines) and further statement by the government that ‘the military operation was aimed at preventing Ukraine from the development of nuclear weapon’. Therefore, if this task is successfully completed, there will be no need to continue the invasion. With regard to the fact that Russians refused the other orders because they were unable to complete them, denuclearization would remain their priority’ – the analyst commented.

‘This task also includes the occupation of Ukrainian nuclear power plants, thus, the Belorussian military attack would be tentatively set for Rivne-Khmelnystkyy destination (there are two nuclear power plants in Rivne and Khmelnystkyy), while Russians would mostly proceed to Yuzhnoukrainsk, where there is another one’ – Mr. Danylyuk said.

‘These actions would pose an extreme threat as they could lead to the global nuclear catastrophe. The fact that they even have such plans confirms once again that putin has some kind of mental disorder’ – he summarized.

Russian propagandists have developed a cartoon ‘Fairy tale about Vania and Mykola’, which aims to rationalize Russian invasion with the need of preventing Ukraine from the development of nuclear weapons. The cartoon is available on YouTube.

Earlier this week, the nuclear power plant in Zaporizhia was on fire as a result of Russian shelling. That shelling posed a catastrophe threat for the whole world.

In addition, Russian troops occupied Chornobyl nuclear power station and the exclusion zone around it. Concerning this issues, Rasa Juknevičienė, the Member of the European Parliament from Lithuania, said that ‘Chornobyl nuclear weapon’ is in Putin’s pocket, which poses a threat to the whole Europe.

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