British Lord offered to include Russian government structures to the list of terrorist organizations

Based on photographs and other evidence of Russian crimes in Ukraine, Russian government structures such as the Armed Forces, Naval Forces, Aerospace Forces and ‘United Russia’, the ruling political party, should be listed as terrorist organizations in the UK and the US.

Guildhall received a comment on the recognition of Russia as a terrorist state from Lord Alex Carlile of Berriew CBE QC, who previously served as an Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation for the UK.

‘Demonstrably from all the photographic and other evidence, Russia is a terrorist State every bit as terrorist as major non-State terrorist actors such as Al-Qaeda and ISIS. In my view, separate parts of the Russian State, e.g. the Army, the Russian Navy, Russian Air Forces, and Putin’s political Party, should be designated separately as terrorist actors, including on banning lists held by countries such as the UK and USA. Such designation would mean that every supplier of material would be regarded and prosecutable as complicit in terrorism,’ – Lord stated.

‘Such designations should be proceeded with quickly. It would be a confirmation, strongly supported by most elected politicians and the public, of Putin’s and Russia’s pariah status,’ – he added.

In turn, the Head of the Centre for Defense Reforms, the coordinator of the interdepartmental platform on hybrid threat countermeasures, which operates within Ukraine-NATO cooperation, Mr. Oleksandr V. Danyliuk said that the Russian Federation systematically performs terrorist activities to achieve political and geopolitical goals, including in the course of war against Ukraine. According to his statement, international community should officially recognize Russia as a terrorist state.

Earlier, Rasa Yuknevicienė, the Member of the European Parliament and the former Minister of Defense of Lithuania, said that the world community should put the issue of Russian terrorism on the agenda.

The German Bundestag also reacted to the aforementioned events in Ukraine. Robin Wagner, the Bundestag member from the «Greens», said that Putin’s war crimes in Ukraine, in particular, the hostage operation of a civilian paramedic, allow to qualify the regime in Russia as a terrorist one.


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