«They flee at every trifle» — a Spetsnaz officer of the GRU expresses his disdain for the Chechens (the intercepted conversation)

The Chechens consider themselves a superior nation to the Russians and do not want to fight for Russia, they run away from the battlefield, substituting and dooming Russian servicemen to death. The Chechens are kept by cutting the incomes of Russians and are only needed by Putin’s regime to suppress potential protests against the Kremlin.

This is told by a Spetsnaz officer of the GRU (The Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation) in an intercepted conversation received by Guildhall from a source in Ukrainian intelligence.

“(…) They were brought up as a “superior nation”, that “this is us, we are an elite among elites.” Don’t you know, they usurped everything in Russia, in Moscow, all cash, all non-cash, extortion of money, all “ protection racketeering ” and this is beneficial to the state (…),” says the Russian serviceman.

The GRU General Staff officer notes that the idea of ​​ «the master nation” is cultivated among the Chechens, they hate Russians and are restrained from rebellion against the central government in the Russian Federation only due to the material deprivations of the Russians themselves.

“(…) This is the cultivation of the master nation, and this is also present in our country and everyone in the entire Caucasus is talking about it. First, the Chechens, then the Dagestanis, and then the Ingush. The Ingush, thank God, in contrast to the rest, still have some dignity and somehow they still hold on to certain … they don’t have such violent hatred, but I’ll tell you that Dagi and Chechens do. I got enough talking to and serving with them, and I will say that there is enough hatred in them, but it is repressed thanks to our money and thanks to their insufficient number, but frankly, they are the very same as Ukrainians and should they have will and power, you would be very surprised what by the consequences,» – was stated in the interception.

According to the speaker, the Chechens do not want to fight for Russia, they are fleeing the battlefield because, due to their better financial situation than the Russians, “they have something to lose.”

“I’ve been talking about this for a long time and to you personally, as well as they say themselves, they don’t want to fight for Russia except for show-offs, they only go in the second wave, they only clean it up. They participate rarely, and if they do, there is nothing except show-offs, expensive armaments, expensive weapon kits, expensive moving target tracking, and that’s it. They flee at every trifle, they shoot in all directions (…) Sorry for swearing, I know them from the Caucasus and here I know that they don’t want to do anything, just fairy tales, show-offs, these are brother Akhmat, strength, Subhan Allah, Allahu Akbar! and all in that spirit, and that’s it, that’s where it all ends. But they don’t want to lose a single life of their own, unlike ours, they have something to lose, they all have a salary in Chechnya two or three times higher than ours, everyone has a house, an apartment, a good foreign car“.

It is said that Putin’s regime needs Caucasians to kill Russians in the course of suppressing possible protests against the Kremlin.

“(…) Now the war shows that only Russians need a Russian war and they rightly
say “the Caucasian world, it will always be a burden” and they will only eat from our plate and sleep in our beds. Everything that they have now is at our expense, they live because our elderly people do not have pensions, because we do not drive good … (cars — ed.). Because everyone vilifies the Caucasus, everyone wants it closed and bribed, if only they would go around chanting “we are Putin’s warriors”, “we are Putin’s wolves”, but that’s all … (lies — ed.), they are only ready (to kill — ed.) us, should the Russians rebel against the state, God forbid, they will rush … (to kill — ed.) our people. But here they are good for nothing, ”said an officer of the Russian Spetsnaz.

Recall, according to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, during Russia war against Ukraine, Russian troops lost about 17,300 servicemen. Ukrainian forces managed to shoot down over 130 aircraft and destroy over 600 tanks.

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