Russian soldiers massively refuse to participate in the military actions in Ukraine (photo proofs)

A verified source handed over to the Guildhall news agency various photographs of the reports written by Russian soldiers, who participated in the military actions at the Ukrainian territory and returned to their places of deployment. The reports are filed by Russians that refuse to go back to the area of combat operations.

Guildhall received the reports written by the soldiers of the 41 A of the Central Military District of the Russian Federation Armed Forces that arrived in Ukraine in full force. Among the reasons of refusal soldiers specified the unwillingness to be used as ‘cannon fodder’, failure to comment on the reasons for the military operation in Ukraine, lack of technical supplies as well as little communication with the military command and many others.

Sergeant Mirapov Sapar Merdanovich in his report to the commander of the military unit No. 61899 indicates: ‘(…) I hereby report that I consider it impossible to re-departure due to poor organization, lack of communication and technical supplies. I arrived without understanding why I was needed there, without any explanations of the task. I don’t want to be ‘cannon fodder’,’ Mirapov stated in a report.

Also, the commander of the 2nd section of the 3rd platoon of a motorized rifle company, junior sergeant Pugachev Alexander Alekseevich informs the commander of the 3rd motorized rifle battalion that ‘(…) refuses to re-take part in hostilities in Ukraine due to lack of logistics, lack of coordination of actions, lack of any communication within the unit and with the command’.

The commander of the 2nd motorized rifle platoon of the 9th motorized rifle company, lieutenant A. Yegorov, points out that ‘(…) from the very beginning we were faced with deception and concealment of the true goals and tasks of the military actions. Incomprehensible ‘training tasks’ meant completely different things (…). Crossing the border of Ukraine, we completely discredited ourselves in the eyes of both the world and the Slavic community. From that moment on, our actions were of an occupational nature, which was clearly expressed in the actions of the civilian population (…),” wrote Yegorov.

Below are photocopies of other reports of the soldiers of the RF Armed Forces.

In addition, a Guildhall source from the Ukrainian government reports that due to the refusal of certain officials of the RF Armed Forces, including deputies of the 76th Airborne Assault Division (Pskov) of the Airborne Forces, to comply with the order to conduct hostilities on the territory of Ukraine, 4 members of the mentioned division were detained by the military police of the RF Armed Forces.

According to the press service of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine, as of March 13, the total combat losses of the Russian army amounted to more than 12 thousand personnel.

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